Security Override Terms of Agreement
Last updated on: 09/23/2011 16:19:33
From this point forward, Security Override will be referred to as "SO" and the end-user will be referred to as "you."

By registering an account, reading and/or obtaining and/or learning about web security and/or hacking on SO, you agree to the following:

1. You may not hold SO reliable for any damage, results, or other "issues" of any kind as a result of using/acting upon any information distributed via SO. Any and all information distributed via SO is the sole responsibility of the user who posted it, and SO, therefore, cannot and will not be held responsible for any user-submitted content.

2. You may not redistribute, claim, steal, or otherwise take any information found on SO without explicit permission from the author of the material.

3. All article and code submissions to SO must be your own, or have proper and correct information on the true author of the material, and also a link back to the author's page if required by the author.

4. You agree to always follow the SO forum rules if and when posting in the forum.

5. You understand that it is illegal to access another computer without the owner's permission, and asking for help with this via SO will not be tolerated.

Lastly, you understand and acknowledge that SO is a free service to you and you will therefore respect all authority over you. All staff judgment is final. You must respect it, unless it is against a rule or rules. A rule may be broken but an exception may occur, as judged by a SO staff member.

The TOA may be changed in any form (eg. addition to agreement, change of agreement, etc) whenever necessary. Necessity is judged by any super admin. Notification of any TOA change(s) may or may not occur, as SO is not required to issue any warning(s).