Thread subject: Security Override :: Bug: Some Challenges need to be corrected...

Posted by vijay4infosec on 07/30/2014 07:08:08

Challenges under Privilege Escalation are not working, unable to login to telnet environment, using the actual password.
The console hangs or doesn't spit any error or output if we enter the right password,

Admin please correct this issue....

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Posted by redknight99 on 08/09/2014 05:49:09


Posted by VK on 08/15/2014 12:08:55

Hey so I've been dealing with this since I joined and someone just gave me the solution..twice.

In the telnet simulator, open your browser's Web Console and enter the following JavaScript:

var userip=""

Doing this before supplying the correct answer will get the course to work properly.

Posted by The Dragon on 02/20/2015 15:40:41

When doing the decryption 7, I got the correct decrypted text (and tested it by encrypting it again), but still, the challenge said I did not get the correct answer. Most likely a bug, since I've seen videos of others doing the same exact thing I've done and passing.

Posted by Abhinav2107 on 02/20/2015 22:35:28

Check for extra whitespaces in your answer.