Thread subject: Security Override :: Privilege Escalation 1 <> Im: fool, blind or WRONG?

Posted by t4r4t3ux on 06/02/2014 23:43:10

Hey people, i try to exploit this, use correct exploit but when i make the trigger my firebug says:

"ReferenceError:userip is not defined"$('<p style=color: green;">'>').text ('Last......................)

Yeah i use firebug for look any error, cause the exploit is running but no give me any session.. (whoami and related) Only answer me again "username:XXXX" again & again... loop.

So, im wrong? or really the challenge have some problem?

Thank you for your support masters!!!! I hope continue this challenges!!!


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Posted by madf0x on 06/07/2014 18:51:26

need to be exact

Posted by t4r4t3ux on 08/09/2014 18:56:20

And that is is answer:

var userip='';
in your Javascript console.

Amazing regards and credits to tm23789666 --> He is the make of answer.