Thread subject: Security Override :: Keylogger Antivirus

Posted by mourato on 02/16/2014 14:18:22

Hey guys, im working with on a keylogger right now, i got it working, it's really amazing. however my antivirus detects it as a trojan, why ? and I also have heard i could cypher it.

can you guys give me some hints on how to make it undetectable ?


Intructional use only ofc

Posted by Override on 02/16/2014 20:07:27

These tutorial should be of some help:

Posted by mourato on 02/17/2014 06:55:50

Thank you, I will give them a look!

Posted by mourato on 02/17/2014 11:17:52

Wow, really nice tutorials!! I think I will manage to do it with a bit of work, Thanks man!

Posted by Override on 02/17/2014 19:36:35

Your welcome and good luck.

Posted by mourato on 02/18/2014 13:54:17

eheh this is crazy, netcat has like 1000 lines of code, my program has 100 000 ;(