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Posted by Override on 01/30/2014 21:40:19

Virtual hosting refers to a web hosting service where many websites reside on one web server. In name based virtual hosting also called shared IP hosting. The virtual hosts serve multiple hostnames on a single machine with a single IP address. Vhostfinder is a program I wrote that will output all domains that match a specific IP address revealing what other websites are on the same server. This is a very handy bit of information to have especially for a pen test. Just because your web site is secure doesn’t mean the 50 or so other web sites on the same server our, and it only takes on vulnerability on one web site to compromise them all.

Download video here flv | wmv
Download Vhostfinder Python Script Here
Download Vhostfinder Backtrack Module Here

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Posted by lacamoura on 02/05/2014 10:52:38

I think you made a mistake in the url :


thanks for the tool

I think it'll be better if you use rather than msn

it's just a suggest :)

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Posted by Override on 02/05/2014 19:55:57

Thank you the link has been fixed. This video was made back in 2009 i think so its kind of an old script if anyone wants to update it please do.