Thread subject: Security Override :: Help Cracking this bit of software

Posted by wdc101uk on 01/19/2014 14:24:05

Hi guys.

I am attempting to use Ollydbg to crack Silhouette Connect downloadable from :

I am a programmer by trade and have read several tutorials for using ollydbg to do this job - however this is an awkward bit of software - and the "search by string reference" is not helping very much as I cannot find the appropriate module / dialog with the failed activation messages in it.

Can somebody have a go then explain the process to me?

Posted by P4nd0rum on 01/23/2014 11:13:29

I cant help with this specific software but i will upload some cracking tutorials tomorrow and send you the link to download them.
These are professional video tutorials on backward engineering software and cover every aspect they should help you out a great deal.

Posted by P4nd0rum on 01/24/2014 13:21:04

Ok this link is a 34 part professional video series on reverse engineering (software cracking) it should hold all the answers you need.