Thread subject: Security Override :: Forensics- EMailTracer

Posted by fr0x on 11/26/2013 11:16:59

There should be a challenge wherein you find out the information about the sender i.e track him down.
This will help everyone, specially those who are new to it.

Many a times we receive spam, sometimes its irritating , sometimes blackmailing threats.
So everyone should know how to trace an email,
Find its source IP, find some info about his ISP, etc..

M just saying this should be close to the real thing.
So that everyone knows what to do when such a situation arises.

The idea is pretty simple, straight forward.
You'll can add more to it, make it more challenging

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Posted by CrashOverron on 11/26/2013 21:56:35

thats true and i agree tracking someone is fun although most of the time now people use web mails for personal emails which sends that provider as the senders IP and not the person and setting up a d0x challenge is pretty difficult to make sure the data stays current and online as we noticed with one of our realistic challenges

Posted by fr0x on 11/27/2013 01:51:23

I don't think web mails for personal emails are sent with that provider as the senders IP, i have traced several emails in the same way, and have ended up with information about their IP address (as confirmed by them), after runinng a trace on the IP i got information regarding their ISP;
And i have done this using hotmail.

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Posted by fr0x on 11/29/2013 08:01:26

A pretty basic Challenge worth 10 points or something.
A pretty basic code that will send a email to the users account, you just trace it.
Get the IP adreess, ISP name and contact information of ISP (so that in-case of a crime the person can be reported to).

Posted by Cyber Wizard on 11/29/2013 23:20:05

i think i will be simple !