Thread subject: Security Override :: Need help for wpa2 cracking

Posted by paPiteC7 on 07/27/2013 20:39:29

Hi brothers, i wannna crack a netgear router with reaver but i get message that wps is locked..I also have the handshake of router but when i was try some wordlists i doesnt find the password..Can anybody help me?Maybe any suggestions to bypass wps locked state..I try with Ignore locks and try to asscociate via command but also says that is locked..Maybe someone have a good wordlist to try??Or can someone try to crack my handshake??
Every information is useful!! Thanks in advance!!

Posted by Override on 07/27/2013 21:32:50

You could try using john and aircrack

Some examples:
For a 8 lengh digits only
john --incremental:Digits --stdout:8 | aircrack-ng -e ESSID -w- thecapfile.cap

or for all
john --stdout --incremental:all | aircrack-ng -e essid -w - thecapfile.cap

Fortunately you can also resume your crack if you ctrl-c out and then run this command wait for aircrack stop running before exiting.
john --restore | aircrack-ng -e essid -w - capture_file.cap

Depending on the length and characters used this could take some time. Minimum length for wpa is 8 so start with 8 and work your way up.

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Posted by ka1n on 07/28/2013 03:43:12

Why do you need to break into this router? If it's just for the challenge then you should just get a router and practice on your own network. It's not smart to break into networks that may be logging you with tools like snort or air snare but if you're looking to gain access to another network then I would try someone dumber that does not have wps turned off because if they are smart enough to turn it off they may be smart enough to log you and if you're looking to break in to get info I could tell you from experience it's not worth the risk cause most people are quiet boring, just sitting around looking at facebook and other bullshit that will not interest you. So don't risk getting caught for nothing.

Posted by Sucher des Wissens on 12/09/2013 02:43:05

@Ka1n, not trying to be a dick but he asked for information, not for your opinion. I'm quite sure he already has a dad.

Posted by Neusink on 12/10/2013 12:16:36

If you have a modern GPU, you may be able to brute-force the WPA2 pass with oclHashcat.

There is also a CPU version (hascat), but not as effective as the previous one.

This is only information, use it wisely.