Thread subject: Security Override :: Decryption Level 5

Posted by tbbqolrjbeyq on 03/09/2013 22:50:31

Hi, I was doing fine in the decryption levels until I got to level 5. I am not sure how to complete this one. I have tried running cain and able to decrypt the md5 hash, but I wasn't sure the character set to use. I tried the largest one, but it was going to take 1.46*10^17 years. That is a little too long for me. So then I tried googling the hash, and there were no results. I am trying john the ripper, but it has been running for a few hours and I still don't have the hash cracked. My CPU is running way hotter than I would like it though, and I have my fans Full-Power now. I don't know what do. I am going to keep JTR running for now, and and hopefully within the next few hours it will be decrypted. Does anyone have any ideas, like that I might be doing something wrong, or is there something I can do to speed up the process? Is there a specific character set I could look at, or length of encrypted text? or something?

Thanks 000-tbbqolrjbeyq-000

Posted by MnX1337 on 03/25/2014 16:37:38

You post in the hacking challenges category not here.

Posted by namphuongnguyen on 09/16/2015 22:05:30

I can not, help me!

Posted by nexusbruno21 on 09/18/2015 18:21:50

I am trying to do that challenge too but it took always 5,6,7 or 8 Hours for crack then the password already changed.
The tool I use :

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