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[ Introductions ]
New here
Th3_R3b0rn - 15/12/2014 18:33
How's it going everyone? I just joined this community yesterday and am really enjoying the site. I have done a few of the challenges, read some forum posts and lost a full night of sleep here. :P I am always terrible at these introductions but as always i am here to learn new things and talk to new people. I dont have many tech friends IRL. I honestly only know one other person who knows how to write code and they use a language I have yet to sit down and learn myself. haha. oh procrastination. I started teaching myself programming a few years ago. I have learned HTML CSS and PHP. I am currently working on Java and SQL at the moment. I also know Python and plan on digging into C# in the near future. I always enjoy reading others source codes to try to understand how others write and I also enjoy collaborating with others and chatting about technology in any form. I can't really say I have a specialty in anything because things are constantly changing and there is always new things to learn. I hope to meet a lot of really cool people and hope to become a very active member of this community. Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful day.
[ General Hacking ]
Want to learn hacking
SMB - 15/12/2014 15:52
Depends what you want to learn specifically, I'm sure there are a few threads on here that go into greater detail on the matter but I would say this, no sense in swinging a hammer if you don't know how to hit with it... or something like that :P Nothing wrong with running Kali although there will be a ton of tools you won't know what to do with.

Learn some networking skills, then some web languages then higher languages like C or what ever, it's really up to you and how you learn and what your interests are. It's a big world out there.
[ Basic Hacking Challenges ]
Basic 4 and 5 are same ?
toshiro92 - 14/12/2014 13:35
Ok, thanks for your answer ;)
[ Toolkit ]
Realtime Proxy Check - Use your bandwidth and check proxies
privateloader - 13/12/2014 18:26
Realtime Proxy Check is to be used in computers, smartphones and tablets. Basically what it does is check a few servers and report back to the user. The user then has a notification of what proxies can be use in the network.


[ General Hacking ]
Want to learn hacking
znitteeeer - 13/12/2014 16:23
Hello, I have a few questions I'd like to ask, I am pretty much a beginner at hacking, but i have good logical thinking and I have done some of the very basic challenges here and some of the logic challenges.
Anyways, here are my questions
1) Where do I start in hacking, what do I learn?
2) Should I install and start playing around with Kali Linux before I have learned basic stuff like Assembly Language and C Programming ?(Yes, I haven't learned assembly yet)