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switching drives in terminal Help
booty - 29/09/2014 03:40
Good Day

I did the mount command and I got this please look @ PIC


I am in root , and root is on a complete different hdd ,, and i want to get to /Backups linux on an other hdd
after the mount command U can see that /Backups linux is in /dev/sdc3

so i can get to /dev BUT unable to get to /sdc3

any help ??

many thanks
[ Basic Hacking Challenges ]
Stuck stuck Basic level 2
wolfpack270 - 28/09/2014 23:40
Send me a PM and let me know what you've done so far
[ Basic Hacking Challenges ]
Stuck stuck Basic level 2
booty - 28/09/2014 20:34
Good day

I have been searching and doing every thing i found on google and still no Luck on basic level 2 for password

any hints help ??

many thanks
[ Reconnaissance Hacking Challenges ]
Full path disclosure
booty - 28/09/2014 14:30
Im still stuck on this one my self but some how I will get to it :)
[ Anonymity and Privacy ]
At what point do you think the authorities will label me as a threat?
BarryLee - 28/09/2014 13:05
I suppose you've been looking at armageddonconspiracy.com?