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[ Privilege Escalation Hacking Challenges ]
Privilege escalation 1
rootaccess - 18/10/2014 14:27
hey everyone i know.
exactly what i have to do .

i have to escalate my privileges.
with an exploit.

however i tryed alot of things and variations.
can i pm someone who can help me with it ?

and show what i've already tryed.

Thanks in advance.
[ Realistic Hacking Challenges ]
Realistic 3
hermodr - 17/10/2014 21:12
I have problems with this chalenge, i'm using CSRF ind feedback, but i think my mistake is the page that i'm sending the data via post, any hint please? i read all the post but i'm still stop.
[ Basic Hacking Challenges ]
Issue with Basic 4
wolfpack270 - 15/10/2014 13:03
Sounds like when you modified the code you changed something or left something out that you shouldn't have. You really should only need to add probably one line. No names should need to be modified
[ Basic Hacking Challenges ]
Issue with Basic 4
fixurownemail - 15/10/2014 11:17
Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone can provide some guidance on Basic Challenge 4. I saved what needed to be saved, modified the name that need modified, and changed the actions needed (trying to not give it away for anyway just starting it). When I bring the page back up in my browser (Firefox and Chrome) I get the site but 1)the login button is missing 2) the page still "senses" a button there and I can click it but nothing happens. Can anyone give me a hint what I might be missing. I can PM if needed to let you see what I modified to give guidance without giving it away to anyone else. Thanks in advance.

Edit: After taking that advice I was able to bring back the button with a couple of Google searches, but still no movement on the button actually submitting.

Edit: So I'm going to post my code and the changes I've made...if anyone wants to point what our hint what I'm missing since they can be more specific let me know or pm me or something, I am just not sure what to change to make it work.

<center><p>WARNING UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS IS PROHIBITED</p></center><center>Please login as Admin. Your password has been saved.</center><div id="basic4"><p>Username:</p><form action="http://securityoverride.org/challenges/basic/4/" method="post"><input value="&lt;?php echo $_SESSION['CSRF_TOKEN'];?&gt;" name="CSRF_TOKEN" type="hidden"></form>
<select class="b4txtarea1" name="uname"><option selected="selected" value="Admin">Guest</option><option value="Anonymous">Anonymous</option><option value="fixurownemail">fixurownemail</option></select><p>Password:</p><p>**********</p><input value="login" type="submit">