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[ Privilege Escalation Hacking Challenges ]
Zenithes - 07/11/2014 10:01
Excuce me, after reading Teddy, fr0x, and Abhinav2107 's post, I still have no idea.
It seems that program use its parameter as a string which ends up with a space, so pipeline is not working.
And I find that # , + , and & are not working, perhaps because of their use as parameters in url.
Is there anyone would like to give me some hints or something to read that can guide me to the solution?
[ Realistic Hacking Challenges ]
Realistic 4 bugfixing
fortress - 03/11/2014 10:24
I have the same problem of spacemo0, someone can help?

[ Introductions ]
The Welcome Thread
DivideBy0 - 01/11/2014 19:00
hello! i know very basic linux commands and have virtually no php or hacking experience. hoping to learn some stuff!
[ Software Cracking Hacking Challenges ]
cracking 3
aanshori - 30/10/2014 06:21
how to solve level 2nd ? i am cannot cracking that software
[ Forensics Hacking Challenges ]
In reference to Forensics Challenge #10
The_Notorious_PGP - 29/10/2014 16:41
This was a really good challenge. After I decrypted it, I spent hours sifting through packets before finding what I needed. This is off topic but does anyone know why Youtube uses TCP instead of UDP? Since it's a real-time streaming service that can tolerate loss wouldn't UDP be a better option (less traffic generated in terms of ACKs, SYNs, etc)?