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Hacking Windows Password
pyro57 - 26/02/2015 18:53
that's if you wanted to find out what their password is, if just getting in is the objective there was the sticky key method, or has that been patched now?
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Hacking Windows Password
PrinceAmir - 25/02/2015 15:02
you ca use john the ripper in kali like this :

you must copy sam file from this address in windows:


john /root/sam
(the address of the copied sam file)

you must boot windows with kali or other boot cds

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Programming 12
tsigouris007 - 25/02/2015 09:47
Updating: Misinforming Solution Format. You just need to input the 5 digit number (e.g. 12345) you found and not the solution format (12345 (if C=1; U=2; B=3; E=4; D=5)).

Just a suggestion to edit this.
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Programming 12
tsigouris007 - 25/02/2015 09:30
-[ Login Error ]-

You have entered an incorrect Username and/or Password.

I 've solved it but it keeps giving me the above. Found more than enough solutions that are correct (used a calculator too). I don't think there is a misunderstanding in the challenge (as far as i know i'm comparing the concatenation of the 5 numbers with the cubed addition). Is it me or is this challenge a lil broken?
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Hacxx EXE Encrypter - Encrypt the header of an EXE and make it undetectable
privateloader - 22/02/2015 16:27

Hacxx EXE Encrypter is an exe encrypter that encodes the header of an exe and makes it undetectable.