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[ Realistic Hacking Challenges ]
real 5
kenpachi - 30/09/2015 02:31
I don't know who fixed it, but thank you! Finished the challenge and enjoyed it a lot. Thank you! :)
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[Tutorial]MS-Acces Injection
MtucX - 29/09/2015 15:18
nice bro but any tuto of xpath injection string !! :p
[ Site Questions ]
CRLF !!! help
MtucX - 29/09/2015 15:13
hi my questions !!

on crlf

i'm now traying crlf challenge on root-me.org 1 week now :(

any one can guid me
or make a chellege like root-me challenge on crlf

and thx advanced

and sorry for my english :/ :p

img in >>
[ Realistic Hacking Challenges ]
real 5
kenpachi - 29/09/2015 09:58
Just checked in to this challenge and it seems partially fixed. I can log in and managed to get MySQL syntax error.

I have found the number of columns, but neither union select nor union all select work.

If I were to use the union select 1,2,3 instead of order by 3 I would get an error. This doesn't make sense to me.

I'm at the point where want to find out which column name is injectable, but even union select statement with the correct sequence and number of columns throws an error.

Can someone please help?
[ Steganography Hacking Challenges ]
Steganography 5
k3y1and - 29/09/2015 09:51

MnX1337 wrote:
"Sometimes we add or subtract things from our life ( refers to +1 and -1 ) to make things better.
But let's face it,we need reality to reveal the truth.Sometimes we kick the odd one out ( the +4 ) but later we discover that it might be the key to our succes.
So the result of that equation + key equals the password,am i on the good track?

what you mean