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[ Wireless Security ]
What methods can I use to break into WPA/WPA2?
Null Set - 22/03/2015 10:13
Have you tried looking into aircrack-ng? While it's mostly used in WEP cracking, it can actually also be used for WPA and WPA2. Slightly limited though since your best bet is that you can create a good enough dictionary.

Reference: http://www.aircra...

If anyone has a better idea, I'd like to know as well.
[ Cellular Device Hacking ]
Mobile Lookup by GPS
privateloader - 22/03/2015 06:36

This piece of software can determine a Mobile location by GPS.
This technology was only available to militar and law enforcement agencies, now with this leak is available to you.

Determine where the phone is located in a snap then using google maps you have the location of the device.


[ Javascript Hacking Challenges ]
JavaScript 9
Cullub - 21/03/2015 15:01
If at first you don't succeed, fry fry a hen.

Keep trying - anything using javascript client side is not secure.

If you can't find it still - PM me, and I'll help you out.
[ Javascript Hacking Challenges ]
Challenge 6
Cullub - 21/03/2015 14:24
WOah!! I just got it - doesn't make sense, though.

A note to Firefox users:

Don't use the built in "Inspector" - For some reason, umm I probably shouldn't say what it does, but anyway, that, and looking directly at the source code didn't show the necessary items...

Firebug worked, though. Check the source there. Oh - and it might help to edit the code ;)

I, however, don't quite understand it. Could someone who knows why it works PM me and explain? Probably, it would be discussing things not fit for those who have not completed this challenge.
[ Wireless Security ]
What methods can I use to break into WPA/WPA2?
8ball - 21/03/2015 12:13
Seeing as WPA/WPA2 is hard to crack and takes a long time if you're going to crack it, I want to find the best way of breaking in...

Reaver is one option so I use this script called ReVdK3-R2.sh which basically a script which carries out reaver, bully and also uses MDK3 to flood the AP so that the WPS lock is reset, but it doesn't reset the whole router. It still takes a long time seeing that it has to go through the process of bruteforcing pins and then when it's locked MDK3 will run (for 60 seconds) in order to continue.

But I wanted to know if there are alternative methods of doing this, like can you reset the router completely then once it's reset you have a WEP AP which is easy to break into?

Or maybe you could continuously block traffic on the router so that eventually the user gets annoyed and resets it themselves? How is that possible?

Are there any other effective ways which are new and better than using reaver, bully and scripts like ReVdK3-R2.sh? IMO reaver just has the problem that it encounters AP rate limiting. And the length of time it takes to crack is annoying.

In the UK they have common brands of routers (Sky, TalkTalk, VirginMedia), I wonder if there are any password lists for this and do you think that'd be faster than reaver?