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[ Hacking Tutorials ]
MITM with SSLstrip : Hack facebook, gmail accounts accessed from your network (Part 2)
vijay4infosec - 26/07/2014 03:47
Youtube Video Released : https://www.youtu...P3c6kfPTP8

Hack Facebook, gmail, yahoo, hotmail or any other account accessed from your network by Man In The Middle Attack (MITM) with sslstrip technique. We convert the secure communication method HTTPS into HTTP that transfer data in plain text over the network.
Through this one can hack or recover login or any information like Credit card details, PIN, passwords, etc of any website.
**This is for educational purpose only.
Setup required -
Operating system - Bactrack
Tools - ettercap, sslstrip

Hope you all like it...
[ Javascript Hacking Challenges ]
Something strange about Javascript level 1
AceSrc - 25/07/2014 20:58
Thx for your reply. The reason why i over think is that my brower do not allow to switch the javascript off -- i don't know why.
[ Javascript Hacking Challenges ]
Something strange about Javascript level 1
madf0x - 24/07/2014 09:10
I could be wrong, but it sounds a lot like to me that you simply bypassed the challenge all together. Youre WAAAAAAAAAAYYY overthinking the problem, and as a result you seemed to have tricked the page into thinking you passed, but because it wasnt the 'right' way, it never presented the congrats page.
[ Javascript Hacking Challenges ]
Something strange about Javascript level 1
AceSrc - 24/07/2014 04:10
When i read the source code of the web, soon i found the key of this problem. It's 'window.location'. I first tried javascript injection, but failed for the first time.
Many days after, today (I'm working for the final exam of this term), i still want to use javascript injection. I used 'document.getElementById' to get div whose id was 'scoreboardB' and updated its innerHTML.
I think i failed, because the submit button did not appear. However, when i turned to the level 2 and finished it, i found that i had passed the level 1 -- though i never got the congratulation page.
The only time i pressed a button was that i modified the innerHTML of the 'scoreboardB' into the following:
<div id='challengelogin'>
<input type='submit' value='' />

I passed this challenge without seeing the congratulation page.

Sorry for my English. :P