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[ Forensics Hacking Challenges ]
Forensics 9 - Broken Link?
yp6932dd - 21/01/2015 22:47
Never Mind. Forgot to check my Anti-Virus
[ Forensics Hacking Challenges ]
Forensics 9 - Broken Link?
yp6932dd - 21/01/2015 22:42
I just tried and received the same error. I retried a few times and it ran once. I chose to open file instead of save. It displayed an error and I never got it to work again... :( I've tried in chrome, IE and Palemoon
[ Introductions ]
new kid on the block
LMFAOsec - 21/01/2015 16:51
Hi, I am completely new to all this computer security, network security, computers in general.
I'm currently a student in college working on my bachelors degree in computer forensics and data recovery .
I'm in the process of earning my CEH certificate and I feel that this site will be good practice for me (plus it is my homework)
I think this type of work is very fun and I'm excited to progress.

I chose my user name as a play-on-words from the hacktivist group LuLzSec .....well I thought it was pretty funny. whatever.
hopefully I can turn my complete illiteracy of this field into professional skills. my goal is to become one of the greatest.
well nice to meet you all.
[ [ SQL ] Articles ]
For the newbies (like me )
Notek - 21/01/2015 10:49
Sirduck28 there are so many tutorials on this topic, just google around. Youtube maybe also helpfull. Also don't forget to check the Articles on SO. Hope you will find what you are looking for.
If not, feel free to write me a pm ;)

Regards Notek
[ General Hacking ]
Need a little help.
Beelthazad - 21/01/2015 10:11
I'm a newbie in security testing.
A friend of mine uses a webpage hosted in his network which has username and password to access everything.
What are the basics for knowing how to enter there without knowing username/password and get one, or access to DB if that's not possible?
I know HTML/CSS/JS/PHP. It's easy to get a way to fix possible security open spots if i know these pretty good?
And least, in case you break into a server, is easy to get somebody caught? If i could get and explanation of possible hiding methods and how to counter them, i would be grateful.

Thanks for your time!