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[ Introductions ]
The Welcome Thread
Blackjack2132 - 25/01/2015 17:18
Hey names is Daniel aka Blackjack2132 to Dr.Blackjack2132

I love tinkering with stuff and figuring out new ways to make stuff work.

And h@ppy t0 be apart of the community!
[ General Hacking ]
VEK - Vulnerability Exploit Kit DEMO
privateloader - 23/01/2015 10:55
VEK is a software that exploits vulnerabilities in various sites.

Basically what it does is give the user an interface where exploiting sites and software is very easy.

In two steps a user can exploit a forum, site or server.


[ Introductions ]
The Welcome Thread
yp6932dd - 22/01/2015 22:20
Hey what's up?
Just wanted to stop by and tell you if you got questions on any of the challenges, feel free to message me.
Good Luck!
[ Introductions ]
new kid on the block
LMFAOsec - 22/01/2015 16:58
awesome! I already made a friend. I will more than likely be contacting you.
thank you for the cordial welcome.
[ Introductions ]
new kid on the block
Notek - 22/01/2015 03:33
Welcome LMFAOsec,

great that you are here. Yeah SO should be a good startup, for you. If you need some help, don't hesitate to write me a pm.

Greetz Notek