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The Current Underground
Lurk - 27/07/2014 06:57
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Would you Like to Play a Game?
Stormc1nd3r - 27/07/2014 00:16

Click at your own risk.
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Basic 15 Challenge
xiac0n - 26/07/2014 12:53
Ok I'm stuck as well

Seen the hints, read comments left here. I think i'm over thinking it now 63 tries is 64 it?

If anyone has time for me to PM them, so they can give me a nudge in the right direction. I'd appreciate it :P

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Free Information Inside
cry0genic - 26/07/2014 07:11

cry0genic here. I think colder temperatures are 'cool'... and the idea of freezing your body and waking up in the future is pretty neat. I guess.

I have a general understanding of programming logic, however, I am definitely not a guru or professional with any language. I've worked with C++, JavaScript, C#, COBOL, Python, Ruby, ASP.Net, and HTML. I like Python the most... I'm trying to learn more of that.

I've studied information security and have a good idea about the whole thing, however, lack real experience. But hey, I'm learning.

Maybe we'll meet again in another forum post or IRC.. haven't used that in a while.
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MITM with SSLstrip : Hack facebook, gmail accounts accessed from your network (Part 2)
vijay4infosec - 26/07/2014 03:47
Youtube Video Released : https://www.youtu...P3c6kfPTP8

Hack Facebook, gmail, yahoo, hotmail or any other account accessed from your network by Man In The Middle Attack (MITM) with sslstrip technique. We convert the secure communication method HTTPS into HTTP that transfer data in plain text over the network.
Through this one can hack or recover login or any information like Credit card details, PIN, passwords, etc of any website.
**This is for educational purpose only.
Setup required -
Operating system - Bactrack
Tools - ettercap, sslstrip

Hope you all like it...