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[ Privilege Escalation Hacking Challenges ]
Is PrivEsc 1 working like this?
WoodyOnLinux - 28/03/2015 14:52

VK wrote:

t4r4t3ux wrote:
Just read another post about this... :

No is my work and no is my credit but this is the answer for problem:

var userip='';

in your Javascript console.

how does this help

EDIT: well it does...not sure how...

Yep, it works!
[ Wireless Security ]
What methods can I use to break into WPA/WPA2?
spacemo0 - 27/03/2015 03:54
Did someone know about Ivan Golubev's rechearchs ?
[ Introductions ]
The Welcome Thread
WoodyOnLinux - 26/03/2015 23:55
codeacademy.com can get you up and running with PHP and Java
[ Introductions ]
The Welcome Thread
danicorpse - 23/03/2015 05:21
Hey all,

Just joined yesterday, found out about the site whilst on Enigmagroup. Enjoyed the site but most of the SQL challenges are broken and have been for ages, someone said this place is much better and I already believe so myself.

Have been interested in tech/security for some years, just never really hit the security side head on. Too lazy.

Have experience in basic shit such as WEP/WPA cracking, MITM attacks and Metasploit in Backtrack/Kali, as I say, just the basics. Know a bit about most things, mastered; feck all.

My aim is to learn PHP inside out, learn some javascript and also start to learn an language, maybe Delphi or Perl (Suggestions are welcome)

So yeah, hi!

[ Javascript Hacking Challenges ]
Challenge 6
Null Set - 22/03/2015 10:22

Cullub wrote:

I, however, don't quite understand it. Could someone who knows why it works PM me and explain? Probably, it would be discussing things not fit for those who have not completed this challenge.

If you want to know, you can find me in the IRC. Anyway, it's not really good to necro really old threads so I'm locking this.