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[ Advanced Challenges ]
image path from Adv 3 for Adv 4
telengard - 02/05/2015 17:47
I've passed #3 and I always get this for a filename for what I upload

Image uploaded to /challenges/advanced/uploads/Ac3sk9j.jpg

Is that expected? The image is not what I had uploaded.
[ Introductions ]
HTTP - 02/05/2015 12:33
Greets, I'm HTTP. I've always had the mentality of a hacker, once I got a toy or a technological device, I took it apart and wanted to see what was in it. That is what I personally would describe as being a hacker. The first time I got my hands on computer hacking, I was fast in motion with wireless hacking. I was fascinated with what I could do, I could sniff information, I could kill the router, I could even install a backdoor on the computers in the network. I then on advanced into more advanced computer hacking, programming. Programming was something I had trouble with at the beginning since I was very new to it, but over three months or so I could program at least 300 lines of code, write functions, memory manipulation, etc. I did so in C, a decent programming language, a popular one at least. And once I became bored of C (I'm yet no fluent), I started with web programming, and now I'm shocked how easy it was to find a vulnerability in a website and exploit it. And from then on end, I just continued wireless and web pentesting, not done much with software pentesting, even thought I've had an interest in reverse engineering for a while now.

Well, that's me :P
[ Realistic Hacking Challenges ]
Realistic 4
nvr1501 - 02/05/2015 06:40
Do the IP addresses work now? I'm able to grab my own data, but nothing from the bot.

checked with normal domain name, still no progress. My own data is sent in background, no errors or html corruption.
[ General Hacking ]
Want to learn LFD exploit
Flack - 01/05/2015 10:26
I want to learn LFD exploit. Can someone recommand a good tutorial?
[ Realistic Hacking Challenges ]
Real 7
kgambit - 30/04/2015 16:40
Is anyone willing to answer a PM from me?