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[VIDEO] Into to Writing Exploits - Part 3
TrustMe - 29/06/2015 17:01
I am getting "An error occured, pls try again later"
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Mobiles Apps - All you need for playing with your friends mobiles
privateloader - 29/06/2015 12:36

This collection of tools is all you need to play with mobiles phones or land phones. This is the best package you will find online...

Take this opportunity and use them all because this tools is only available for a short period of time*.

* I have charge the account with $20 in credits...

After that if anyone want to use it you will have to donate. Talk to me at

Mobile SMS Bomber 1.0
Send 10 personalized sms to any mobile phone.

Phone Call Bomber 1.0
Makes 50 personalized robotic calls to any number :)
(After typing your text, 50 calls will be made and a robot voice will say the text you wrote)

Robotic Phone Call 1.0
Make a robotic call to any number
(After writing the text and click on send, a call will be made and a robotic voice will say the text.)

USSD Sender Hacktool 1.2
Send USSD messages to any mobile phone that support USSD (Almost every phone does).

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Solution after success ?
TrustMe - 29/06/2015 11:35
Hi all,

i am new here and just started the Hacking Challenges and i am thinking if it would be possible after every successful passed Level to get every time the best way to pass it, because i believe there are a lot of ways to get the results.

So maybe you want to add this kind of feature to the challenge.

Thank you
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[VIDEO] Into to Writing Exploits - Part 3
a_tek7 - 29/06/2015 05:10
[ Hacking Tutorials ]
why this is incorrect
802dot1Q - 28/06/2015 11:04
Decryption Level 7:if Encrypted String is "1fo4ahM"
We see "1fo4ahM" decrypt is "6at/fcR". why this is incorrect? help me.