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[ Javascript Hacking Challenges ]
JavaScript 9
Th3_R3b0rn - 19/12/2014 04:06
I am having issues with this challenge. I dont really know how to ask for help without giving it away though... Is there someone who has done this challenge already who would be willing to chat with me in a pm... I found the calc function and I realized i needed to edit that line *hope that doesnt give to much away* and I also found the input to validate the code in the password input... I ran the username as Admin like every other challenge and literally nothing happened... Any help would be appreciated and if i gave to much away in this post tell me and I will edit it or delete it all together is someone will pm me. I know I am missing something simple just cant figure it out. Thanks in advance.
[ Introductions ]
Crypto's Introduction
Crypto - 18/12/2014 22:49
Hello everyone, I am a little new to all of this, Not a complete newb, but enough out of practice.
I enjoy cryptology/cryptography(obviously), stenography, and I am learning more about penetration testing.
I am also learning java and python, and picking up c# again(it's been a while since I did any programming).
Hope to have fun(which I already am with the challenges) and learn.
[ Off-Topic ]
Glype Proxies with hotlinking disabled
privateloader - 18/12/2014 15:40

I'm looking for Glype Proxies with hotlinking disabled for a project.
Does anyone have a list?

[ General Hacking ]
Want to learn hacking
znitteeeer - 16/12/2014 10:58

SMB wrote:
Depends what you want to learn specifically, I'm sure there are a few threads on here that go into greater detail on the matter but I would say this, no sense in swinging a hammer if you don't know how to hit with it... or something like that :P Nothing wrong with running Kali although there will be a ton of tools you won't know what to do with.

Learn some networking skills, then some web languages then higher languages like C or what ever, it's really up to you and how you learn and what your interests are. It's a big world out there.

Thank you for your response, what I want to learn is hacking into databases.I want to do some white hat hacking and learn how things work, like im really obsessed with hacking and I am learning assembly and basic networking at the moment.
[ General Security ]
MyStart Toolbar Remover for Windows 8.1
privateloader - 16/12/2014 09:11
MyStart Toolbar is a adware toolbar that is distributed by many companies as it works in a pay-per-install method.
Everytime a instalation is made a fee is paid to the affiliate.

MyStart Toolbar modifies the start page to Mystart search engine between other system modifications.

MyStart Toolbar Remover is a website that uses one of the explorer.exe protocol to scan your computer for this adware it has only been tested in Windows 8.1 using Internet Explorer and Opera.