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about Basic Challenges Level 5
Turtle in mud - 03/03/2015 19:03
I am trying to do this with javascript injection.

ATM my code is javascript:alert(document.forms[1].name.options[0].value=”Admin”) - the first form is a paypal form and the second one is the one that needs to be changed, the first option is guest and when i click login it is supposed to change the value of guest to admin so i am able to login. that was the plan but it is not working.

can it be done with javascript? and am i on the right track?

I am hoping to do it manually and not rely on tools :)

NVM i got it to work, just had to fidlle with the syntax
[ Introductions ]
The Welcome Thread
boaC-034 - 03/03/2015 16:57
Hi All,

Thanks for creating all the fun and addicting challenges! I've had tons of fun so far!
This seems like a very nice site to follow.

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Email tracing: Trace any email to know actual sender
Null Set - 28/02/2015 12:13
Not spam or virus. Actually work looking into.

In case the link above changes, here it is: https://www.youtu...

Next time though, please provide a little bit more explanation as to what you're trying to show. Thanks
[ Programming Challenges ]
Level 6 programming challenge
wolfpack270 - 27/02/2015 01:48
Make sure all spaces are deleted in what you copy/paste. That includes spaces that may be included at the end.
[ Programming Challenges ]
Level 6 programming challenge
neferpitou - 26/02/2015 21:59
For example, if the input is:
x^2 + 4x + 3
You should print: