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Manipulating The Easily-Influenced Human Mind
To learn to attack the subconscious mind, you must first learn what exactly that means. A subliminal message is a message hidden in another medium, perhaps a picture, or an image flashed for a brief period of time, or a record that plays instructions backwards, but forwards sounds like a song, designed to bypass the proverbal "firewall" one normally maintains over his mind, for example if you saw a commercial on television which instructed you to buy their product, you would most likely ignore them, because they have an obvious motive for deceiving you: they want your cash. However, your subconscious is comparable to a child: it believes what people tell it. However, if the commercial flashed an image instructing you to buy their product, and only played it for 12 milliseconds, you might be more influenced to buy it. This is likely where any sudden "urge" to buy something while you where at the store has come from.
To help deepen your understanding, here is an analogy: you download software from the internet, and the software serves a purpose, but it also contains a virus: a "trojan horse." This trojan horse is like a subliminal message; you might not even know it exists, but it can modify your actions. More articles on this subject are to come shortly.

Next, I`m going to give you an example of a subliminal message that could actually be used in a conversation. to demonstrate the versatility of subliminal messages.
Let`s say that you have been hired to convince someone to leave their company to work for another.

During the conversation you bring up someone else you tried to convince who did not
take the position. You've mentioned that to set yourself up to say the following sentence, without sounding suspicious:

"Sadly, my he did not TAKE THE POSITION, he just didn't FEEL COMPELLED TO DO IT. RIGHT NOW I don`t know where he is."

The capitalized text is to show you the parts that attack your subconscious. To make this more effective you should very slightly change your voice while saying the key words,
in this case "take the position", and "feel compelled to do it right now." Also, please note that this sentence could be altered to be applicable in other scenarios.

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