About MyFace

MyFace was invented for one purpose: to beat out the bigger sites, showing them that even an underdog can win when it comes to the internet. So even if you are registered on Facebook or MySpace, come on, give us a try! You may actually end up liking us better!

Please login to view status updates, as well as communicate and meet new people, all by using MyFace! It's extremely fast, especially after the SecurityOverride import system was implemented! So you have no excuse to not register!

MyFace attempts to bring people together, even if they can't physically be together. We're great for staying in touch with friends far away, hanging on to that last bit of long-distance relationship hope, or even just letting your homies know what you're doin' later tonight.

And if you don't like us, don't log back in! We have an automated account removal system, that removes inactive accounts. So don't worry about having to delete your account! But if you register again with the same credentials, your profile will be restored.

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you enjoy your stay!